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IKEA Order

We are significantly cheaper than our competitors as a result of the VAT refund.

The cost of shipping is the VAT amount and a local delivery charge (between £20 – £100) depending on size of order) as detailed below. Plus GST as usual in Jersey.

A number of UK stores offer a VAT refund to CI residents and companies. Please email [email protected] if you are unsure about the VAT refund policy of your preferred UK supplier.

We also provide freight forwarding services, including removals, for commercial and individual customers, from the UK, Europe and worldwide to Jersey and Guernsey.

In relation to IKEA and other UK suppliers who refund VAT to us, please refer to the example below:

  • IKEA items £1,200.00
  • Less VAT -200.00
  • Add Shipping 200.00
  • Sub total 1,200.00
  • Local delivery 70.00 – depends on size of order
  • Total you pay £1,270.00

*GST at 5% payable for goods received in Jersey

We can also arrange assembly at an additional cost.

To order items from IKEA please:

1. Select your items from the IKEA website. We don’t have any minimum order size but will charge a minimum of £20 for a local delivery.

2. Complete the Booking Form and email to [email protected]

3. We will send you an invoice with the payment link or you can pay by BACS and we will then order from IKEA

4. We will arrange delivery to your home currently within two weeks.

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